Die Ahnung eines größeren Gefühls
The two paintings I created for the show had very different approaches
to the concept of the gap between the visual and the auditory world.

attempts to visually reflect and incorporate music, styles, instruments and moods.
It tries to (and must fail at the attempt to) represent both seeing and hearing by soly visual means.

does not even try to create harmony. In order to decern any of the faint noises coming from the radio
you have to be so close to the painting, you wouldnt be able to see anything
and if you want to look at he painting as a whole you will not hear the radio.

Exhibition View Opening Night, May 15th, 2018
Wave.mp3.5 Lorenz Kunath in front of a painting by Lucia Quiqueran, WAVE.MP3.5 on the right
  • Listen closely!
Hear-Say 2018, 130x80 cm
WAVE.mp3.5 2018, 130x80 cm
I installed a pocket radio into the back of the painting. The radio played faint white noise and fragments of programs by a competitive radio station

from May 15th until Nov. 26th 2018.

On opening night the sounds of the radio where slightly adjusted to achieve the same effect in the crowd.