Visiting the museum /
 internet for inspiration

Andromeda à Lyon

Acrylics and black marker on canvas

100 x 130 cm, 2018

The method of juxtaposing different imagery, as I do in lots of paintings,
is a means to discuss juxtaposition itself in relation to human nature.
The Imagery used is always very personal, but not always my own photography.
In overlaying an image, I see related to the previous one, I visualize a method
the brain is using in daily life.

Two of the four photos used were made on a trip to the Musée de Beaux Arts in Lyon.
The Statue represents Perseus and Andromeda. The background is a detail of a large painting at the same floor of said museum ( i forget). The other two photos, sparingly used, are porn.

The topics of expectations, complex relationships, subjectivity and
other human conditions are all discussed with the viewer in an intimate
struggle to apply their inner filters to my "double filter" imagery.
The still decernable surroundings and characters lend a hand into the subject
and as the viewer follows into the overlapping subjects core is treated to a warm
but chaotic center. If the outer corners of the image are a thesis of "good and real", then there's a critical break area before the "bad" center, formed by a synthesis of the two via common ground.