30 x 40 cm, 2018


A play on words as it sounds like the german word for fandom,
but reads more like phantom with a hint of doom.
I consider fandom to be something very visible,
but any fandom is based on a phantom of the real thing.

This painting was done specifically for the exhibition
"COMMON FANDOM TERMS" curated by Titania Seidl.
Trying to imagine a fandom I was already part of was difficult.  After testing two other ideas, that felt too distant from my personal experience, I wound up trying to create a handy painting that would express the ambiguity of any fandom by means of my own preferences. It's indirect and a little difficult to read but once you understand the language you can access the culture fully.

To me a fan is someone who popularises certain aspects of culture  by means of creating  connections in the network of the subject.