The Essence
Ehem. Expositur - Vordere Zollamtsraße 2, Vienna

Class exhibition dealing with the subject WAITING.
When dealing with the theme of waiting I found myself frustrated by the subject's nature.
I started looking for a more fun approach and found it here:

There's a kebap place right at my subway station's exit.
I only ever get kebap when going up the escalator
and the meat looks really crispy. Sadly it rarely does when i pass.
Usually it looks cooked white, maybe a little raw. I've not eaten kebap
more often than i did. If i could only wait.

I built a faux kebap that would spin at adjustable speed. Forever half crispy half raw,
with a kebap knife stuck in the sand next to it.

Somewhere in there slumbers a perfect metaphor for what it means to wait, i'm sure.